Medical Nutrition is fundamental to health promotion, disease prevention, & chronic disease management. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM)," A Dietitian is the best professional with standardized education, critical care training, and national credentialing requirements necessary to be a provider & educator of Medical Nutrition".

We understand the importance of value, thus we consistently and consciously work toward providing the most comfortable environment possible for you to enjoy. Jennifer’s online consultations were designed with your privacy in mind. 

Work with her online, phone or see the "Home Packages" in the Tampa Bay area providing confidential consultations for the entire family in the comfort of your own home. Even Better..Come Visit her at The Medical Nutrition Center in Tampa, FL! 

Creating your Optimal Lifestyle is foundational to all our Programs!

We provide online comprehensive assessments to evaluate your nutrition risks and provide you with personalized lifestyle changes & recommendations to improve your health. We consider genetic, lifestyle, medical history, current supplements & medications to reach your customized Nutrition Prescription. All completed in a convenient, comfortable & private environment.  

Only after a through Health & Nutrition Risk Assessment & Vitamin & Supplement Assessment; can we provide you a customized nutrition prescription detailing a realistic health plan you can start today. 

Are you ready to make individual "Nutrition Goals" with Jennifer?      

We offer these online services & packages:
• Health Risk & Nutrition Assessment
• Vitamin & Supplement Assessment
• E-Counseling Package
• Telephone Counseling Package 
• Diet Analysis & Meal Plan Package  
• Family & Friend Online Referral Discounts 

Health & Nutrition Risk Assessment: 
Visit the, our online office for your privacy & convenience. Fill out the Free Health & Nutrition Risk Assessment! Once evaluated, we will provide you with a mini Wellness Assessment of your current Health status! 

Vitamin & Nutrient Assessment: 
Fill out the  Free Vitamin & Nutrient Assessment! Once evaluated, we will provide you with a mini Vitamin Assessment of your current Nutrient status! 

E-Counseling Package: 
Work one-on-one with our Medical Nutritionist and experience a personalized, science-based functional medicine approach designed to optimize your health & body and help you acheive Optimal Wellness through specific goals.

Includes the following:
- Comprehensive Intitial Evaluation & 12 week Re-Evaluation
- Nutrition Counseling
- Lifestyle Medicine 
- Healthy Meal/Diet Planning

Diet Anaylsis & Customized Meal Plan Package: 
Our trained professionals will work with you to develop an effective & personalized diet plan according to your health goals. 

Additional Telephone Counseling Package: 
Get the support you need with an individualized telephone counseling package based on your current needs.  

3 Month Health Maintenance Package: 
Our Medical Nutritionist will work with you to develop an effective maintenance package according to your support needs. 
Interested? Call us for more information (813) 857-2520. Do you live in the Tampa Bay area? See our Other Packages 

You can also complete our Program Assessment Form to help guide you towards the Online Services or Medical Nutrition Programs best suitable for you!.


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