Media & Seminars

A highly respected Medical Nutritionist & Professional Speaker, Jennifer Broder has designed numerous seminars for corporations & professional organizations. Her passion for treating & preventing disease through evidenced- based nutrition science is evident. As well as her focus on educating other practionitioners in the field of Functional Nutrition.

She is a former staff member of Tampa General Hospital, the leading teaching hospital of Tampa and St. Joseph's Hospital, as a Bariatric Dietitian/Coordinator; she frequently appears on talk shows & many may recognize her as the Nutritionist on CBS's "The Biggest Loser of Tampa Bay".

Media Rates: (please call for individual quotes & CV)

Jennifer can provide the following:
  • Customized Nutrition Seminars for your Corporation 
  • Group Nutrition Education for your Employees
  • 12 week Goal Setting Program
  • Group Meal Planning for Weight Management or Disease Prevention
  • Speaker for professional organizations & institutions

Group Meal Planning:
Jennifer will work with you to develop an effective, healthy but exciting diet plan according to your gorup health goals and body composition evaluations.

Corporate Programs:
Customized Corporate programs are available to meet your employee health, fitness, & stress reducing goals.

Health Fair Education with Medical Nutrition Assessments:
Experience the education and teachings of Jennifer Broder RD LD/N and learn how body composition affects your metabolism, nutrient absorption, and genetic disposition.

Customized Employee Programs:
Work one-on-one with Jennifer and experience a total body dexofication & conditioning designed to provide Optimal Wellness at all ages!

Media Interviews:
Jennifer provides only evidenced based research in current news topics and recent studies. She is unbiased in her opinion and will evaluate the research to provide the best informative education. 

Call Jennifer (813) 857-2520 or Email Jennifer for more information!
Media & Seminars