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Jennifer Broder RD LD/N CISSN CSSD is a Medical Nutritionist; focused on intergrating conventional medicine with nutritional science to provide you with the best evidence-based preventive care and disease treatment. Her background in critical care, bariatric nutrition, disordered eating/eating disorder counseling, & sports nutrition gives her greater insight to personalize your nutritional care based on your genetic, lifestyle, and health factors. Using Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis & Innovative Health & Nutrition Assessment techniques; Jennifer focuses on treating the underlying health conditions with nutritional support so you can reach Optimal Wellness- physically, emotionally, & mentally.  

Jennifer practices Functional Nutrition which is a personalized approach to Lifestyle medicine that deals with disease prevention and the underlying causes of chronic disease to help you achieve the Lifestyle Interventions best for you! 

  • We are patient-centered; addressing a patient’s unique needs!
  • We have an integrative, science-based healthcare approach!
  • We integrate the best Lifestyle practices with traditional medical nutrition practices!

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine = Optimal Wellness  

What is Functional Nutrition? 

Functional Nutrition is a patient-centered approach, addresses you as a whole person, focuses on listening deeply to their patients, and then evaluating genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence your long-term health and disease. The American College of Preventive Medicine stated "Lifestyle interventions and behavior change are the most effective First Line Therapy for reducing chronic disease". Lifestyle has a direct influence on disease; Jennifer applies individual strategies such as nutrition, diet, exercise, mind-body connection to both treat and prevent her patient’s illnesses.  

The Functional Nutrition Approach to Assessment

Environmental inputs – The air and water in your community, the particular diet you eat, the quality of the food available to you, your level of physical exercise, and toxic exposures or traumas you have experienced all affect your health. Lifestyle is a major factor; research estimates that 70–90% of chronic disease risk is attributable to lifestyle. 

Mind-body elements – Psychological, spiritual, and social factors, including how you deal with stress, can have a profound influence on your health. Considering these areas helps the functional medicine practitioner see your health in the context of you as a whole person, not just your physical symptoms. 

Genetic makeup – Although your individual genes may make you more susceptible to some diseases, your DNA is not an unchanging blueprint for your life. Emerging research shows that your genes may be influenced by everything in your environment, plus your experiences, attitudes, and beliefs. That means it is possible to change the way genes are activated and expressed. 

Fundamental physiological processes – These are the body’s processes that keep you alive. Some occur at the cellular level and involve how cells function, repair, and maintain themselves. These processes are related to larger biological functions, such as: 
  • how your body rids itself of toxins
  • regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • immune system function
  • inflammatory responses 
  • digestion and absorption of nutrients 
  • musculoskeletal integrity 
  • psychological and spiritual equilibrium 
  • how you manage stress
  • how much energy you have

All of these processes are influenced by environment and by genes, and when they are disturbed or imbalanced, they lead to symptoms, which can lead to disease if effective interventions are not applied.

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